Lesley Stoodley,

Certified Yoga Teacher and Registered Massage Therapist

Lesley believes in health, balance, and wellness as integral parts of a life well lived. As a passionate Yoga teacher and Massage therapist, Lesley has found a home in helping others achieve a deeper mind-body-spirit connection. Lesley is committed to empowering others to play an active role in their health and wellness. Using the various tools she brings to the table, she is here to help on your path towards a more peaceful and healthful relationship with your physical body.  


Lesley graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2014, after attending Saint Mary’s University for Environmental Studies. Lesleys Massage therapy treatments are often specific and geared towards holding patterns in the body, either from repetitive actions or, more commonly, stress. She is keen to let you know how YOU can help alleviate your symptoms, usually by advising Yoga, meditation or breath work practices. Lesley believes firmly in massage as a healing tool- decreasing stress, increasing circulation and moving metabolic waste, and also by leading you towards greater understanding and appreciation for your body.

Lesley completed her 200 hour Yoga teacher training in 2018 with Grow a Lotus Yoga in Halifax. She is trained in alignment based, heart centred Yoga, and brings her love and knowledge of anatomy to her teaching.


Lesley is currently studying Ayurveda (the science of life) and will complete her 200 hour Ayurvedic Health Advisor Certification in 2021. Ayurveda is the missing link towards Lesleys goal of empowering others on their unique path to balance.


Lesley has additional training in Thetahealing and Access Consciousness Bars and Body processes.

Nicoli Roelcke,

Certified Yoga Teacher and Registered Massage Therapist

Nicoli is a graduate of the 2200 hour Massage therapy diploma through the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 2015, after studying Plant Biology at St. Mary’s University. He is a long time student of Yoga and has always had a passion for the vast capabilities of the human body. Nicoli is a Certified Yoga Teacher, and he is eager to assist you on your Yoga journey, usually through prescribing postures or breath work to compliment your treatment and goals. 


Nicoli holds additional certification in Dr. Vodder's manual lymph drainage (MLD) and is especially interested in aiding with pre and post surgical and injury rehabilitation. He uses various tools including Myofascial release, MLD, and deep-tissue Swedish massage in his treatments.


Nicoli spent over 5 years working in a busy Chiropractic clinic in Dartmouth, which he loved, but is now excited to open his own practice closer to home.


Nicoli is an avid backyard vegetable gardener, egg farmer, and homeschooling dad of three young boys. 


Nicoli has additional training in Thetahealing and Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes.


Lesley and Nicoli left the city as two young kids in 2011. The goal was simple: we want to grow our own food, all of it, and have a backyard for our children to be free. Our backyard has been a constant and a centre for almost a decade.

"Bloom where you are planted."

The second revelation was that everything we need is right here, in our own backyard. Everything one needs for a beautiful life and growth, physically, mentally and spiritually, is all available to you without venturing too far from where you are planted. 

Dig deep into connection with your neighbour and soak in the knowledge. Dig deep within your community and learn you are part of the whole. Dig deep into your own backyard and grow roots you never dreamed of growing.

Peace and growth, always.


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